Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce Profiles Interface Digital

As part of its Member Monday series, The Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce interviewed our founders Kevin and Adam last month. It was a pleasure talking about our capabilities and passions with the EPC interviewer, and we are looking forward to getting to know other business owners in the community! Read on for the full text of the profile they published.

Meet Adam and Kevin, co-founders of Interface Digital. In their words, Interface Digital "brings ideas to life," offering clients customized website design and technical solutions.

"I’m passionate about what we do because everything is digital now. What Steve Jobs saw years and years ago, is happening. Our phones are now literal extensions of ourselves. People are on Facebook getting their news. Whether people realize it or not, they are always interacting with technology or data in some way. So what we do is to connect the human with that and so our goal is to demystify technology and site building. A lot of people want to make things sound more complex than they are—we’re all about simplification. It’s important for us to make this fun for any client we have, and to take something that may appear to be a complex or intimidating project and simplify it—and to make sure they’re comfortable with it." - Adam

"The thing that I wanted to do when we started Interface Digital was to be able to create better websites for clients. What I was frustrated with as a developer is that there are so many layers between the client who requests the work, and the person that’s actually doing the work. A lot of things can get lost in translation and too often it diminishes the quality of the outcome. If we can shrink the distance between the two parties, communication is better, ideas tend to flow freer, and ultimately, the client is getting something as good or better than they envisioned when they requested the work. And that’s really what we strove to do when we started this." - Kevin

"We wanted to join the Chamber to expand our network. We saw an opportunity to increase our more direct business work. I think we can directly affect the outcome when we work directly with businesses. We can get to know them, we can get to know their business, and it’s direct contact." - Adam

"Starting a new business, one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome, is that people have to know who and where you are And we can be producing the greatest product out there, but if people don’t know that the store is open and how to get there, you’re not going to be successful. So in joining the Chamber, our goal is to get more people to know who and where we are. I think that especially for small business owners who are realizing they finally need to build a new website, you’re already going to feel overwhelmed just from that one thought. With our pedigree, we can provide the same quality work as a large agency at a lower rate because we’re not that size and we don’t have that overhead. So for a small business owner, we can provide an outstanding product at their budget." - Kevin